Quality and Service You Can Trust.

We began our first lab in Arizona in 2010. Our father and owner Martin Ramirez worked with the D.S.G Lab for 15 years as a dental technician. He has a wide range of experience in the field. He, additionally, achieved his dental license in Guadalajara, Mexico and practiced for 12 years in the field. We have been providing our services here in the Seattle area, going on 4 years. We are a dedicated, professional, and skilled family business. Above all, we aim to treat each and every client like a member of our ever-growing family. We look forward to the opportunity to serve and work with you.

Martin Ramirez (History)

practiced as a licensed dentist in Guadalajara, Mexico for 8 years. When he moved to America, he began to work as a Dental Technician for D.S.G (Progressive Dental Services). He then moved to Washington and worked as a Dental Technician for Harrison and Cardillo. After many years of experience, he began the work on opening his own laboratory.  Family is at the heart of this operation, and we look forward to providing the top tier of service and follow through for each and every order.


U.D.G University of Guadalajara, 1982.

Vallplast certified technician

(EMA) certified technician

Get In Touch.


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  • Premium Dentures

  • Economy Dentures

  • Flexible Partials: Valplast, Duraflex

  • Implants


  • Custom made by hand.

  • Implants


  • Ceramics

  • Veneer

  • Implants

  • Materials: E max, Zirconia, and PFM.

  • Relaxers

  • EMA Elastic Strap


  • Relaxers

  • EMA Elastic Strap

  • Night Guards

  • Sport Guards

  • Custom Night Guards:


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Why you should choose us?

You should choose us because we provide one on one consultations, you can speak directly to our technicians (the owner is a dentist) at any time.

We do same day repairs and emergency repairs at your office location.

Are you on a tight budget? Well in most cases we can accommodate to your budget and needs.

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